Which aligners are right for you?

Maybe you want your new smile in time for a special event 4-6 months from now. Or maybe timing isn’t as important as wearing your aligners only at night. Either way, we’ve got you covered.



Clear Aligners


Nighttime Clear Aligners™

Compared to

Traditional Braces

New smile time:
Avg. 4-6 months
New smile time:
Avg. 10 months
New smile time:
Avg. 18 months
22 hours per day
10 hours continuous nighttime wear
365 days a year
£1499 or £1638.49 financed at £68.27/month
£1499 or £1638.49 financed at £68.27/month
Avg £4800


Three Easy Steps

How it works


Our dental team
designs your plan.

We make a 3D image of your teeth that lets us see what's going on and helps us design your treatment plan. There are two easy ways to make this image: You can visit a SmileShop for an in-person scan, or use our at-home kit to create impressions you can send to us. A UK registered dentist or orthodontist then designs your custom treatment plan.


Our dental team
creates your aligners.

We share a preview of your smile transformation, then create your custom aligners. We'll ship them to you all at once, so there's no wait. Your assigned UK registered dentist or orthodontist will have regular virtual check-ins, guiding your treatment remotely from beginning to end. And you'll get premium teeth whitening that gives results in just one week.


You show the world
a new smile.

After completing treatment and checking with your doctor, you can purchase a set of retainers. You'll wear them only at night to keep your beautiful new smile in place. Feel free to order touch-up whitening treatments any time.


You have two easy ways to pay – and either way it’s up to 60% less than other options*


24mo SmilePay™ | £69/mo.

We offer a convenient monthly payment plan

of £68.27/month for 23 months with a

£68.28 deposit (£1499 financed at 9.9% APR*),

for £1638.49 total.


Single Pay | £1499

Pay even less with a one-time payment of £1499.


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